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When Art Meets Fashion

A wearable work of art

In an era dominated by logo-centric trends, visionary designers have made a bold choice to strip away overt branding and embrace the true essence of design. Without relying on prominent logos or enlarged brand names, these brands effortlessly convey their identity to the discerning fashion connoisseur. With each new season, they captivate the hearts of fashion-forward individuals, giving rise to the coveted “It Items” of the moment.

Maison Margiela, Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto are among the trailblazing brands that exemplify this approach. They prioritise the very core of design, allowing their garments to become living embodiments of their unique design language. Just like artists, they unleash boundless creativity, infusing their works with infinite imagination.

Celebrate Art Month by exploring three visionary brands that embody artistic innovation.

Maison Margiela - Pushing Art Beyond the Boundaries

While other luxury brands rush to release their signature monogram designs Maison Margiela sets itself apart by eschewing logos and instead embracing whimsically chic creations that have taken the fashion world by storm. From the brand’s signature voluminous puffer bags to their daringly distinctive Tabi split-toe footwear these pieces have quickly gained global recognition.

True to its emphasis on deconstructivism, the brand explores experimentation and uniqueness, resulting in highly recognisable designs. With its flamboyantly unconventional character, Maison Margiela imbues wearer with a playful image, presenting them as imaginative, creative and boldly innovative artists.

Rick Owens – Bringing Darkness to Light

Hailed as the “Dark Prince of Fashion”, Rick Owens never fails to deliver awe-inspiring and provocative designs season after season. Not to mention, an icon who stays true to his own tastes and values without ever losing his drive or his touch with the current. From displaying sculpted figures to having rock bands suspended on the runway, and recently featuring models walking in towering human formations, Owens consistently treads an extraordinary path.

Today, Rick Owens is one of the few whose creations can be recognised without logos or monograms, but for his distinct signature details such as iconic platforms, long laces or shaped shoulders.

Renowned for his mastery of imaginative gothic designs, his creations exude a rebellious spirit and radicalism. From the eccentric silhouettes of otherworldly capes to bubble-soled boots with a sculptural allure, and voluminous layers of distorted fabrics, Owens evokes an unsettling atmosphere while showcasing his unwavering dedication to geometric, unusual shapes and textures, almost dystopian pieces.

Yohji Yamamoto – Avant-Garde Silhouettes Cemented in Black

For over five decades, Yohji Yamamoto has been changing the face of fashion as a pioneer of avant-garde styles and gender nonconformity. His unconventional and gender-neutral design approach is epitomised by its signature oversized silhouettes paired with different black fabrics.

Despite the monochromatic palette, he seamlessly merges diverse design elements, including Japanese kimono-inspired techniques, exaggerated proportions, and intricate details. Each creation becomes an emotionally rich visual experience, telling a vibrant and life-infused story on a black canvas.

Experience the fusion of art and fashion with our curated edit of statement pieces below.

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