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Decoding Personalities on Your Camera Roll

Are you a music lover, foodie or a beach babe?

Let’s be real – Usually the common way we read someone, or others, is based on their interactions face to face or the way they behave. However, in this digital age of ours, your camera roll and Insta stories are an extension of your identity. Far more telling than the way you present yourself face-to-face, the clothes you choose to wear, and even the choice of haircut. Those little digital breadcrumbs give us a proper glimpse into the real you.

Our camera roll/Instagram stories let people know exactly what sort of person you are; what you get up to behind closed doors, the mates that make up your inner circle, the meals that really get your taste buds going, and what you find funny.

Read on and find out which camera roll you resonate with the most

Music Lover

You Are Always At The Club Or Attending Most Of The Concerts

If you’re anything like the girls we’ve been stalking, you’re probably a total multi-hyphenate – influencer, DJ, blogger, the whole shebang. And from the looks of your perfectly symmetrical, heavily filtered grid snaps, you’ve really mastered that whole curated aesthetic. Your camera roll shows you’ve been living it up with the squad, sipping cans in the club, totally in the zone as you groove to Peggy Gou on a kitchen chair at ungodly hours. Basically, your camera roll is a treasure trove of techno-fuled moments – from mosh pits at your fave live gigs to intimate backstage vids that give us a peek at your fab life!


Just Photos And Videos Of Food And Your Dog

You’re a rare pure soul who doesn’t need superficial validation to make yourself feel good – you just use pics and videos sharing the things you love, from your furry four-legged bestie to your foodie finds, through those perfectly candid IG story uploads. The world is dying and you’re just out here, enjoying life’s simple pleasures and spreading a little sunshine with every casually captured moment.

Beach Lover

Holiday Pics Of Sunny Beaches, A Boomerang Of You Holding A Cocktail, Aeroplane Window Shots

Let’s talk about those dreamy vacation and beach snaps! We’re talking about spending the weekend with friends on yacht party boats, that boomerang of you casually sipping on a cheeky cocktail, and probably the obligatory aeroplane window shots. You’ve really gotten the whole travel diary aesthetic down to a fine art. You’re probably somewhere in that sweet spot between your late twenties and early thirties. You have a career, possibly your own dog. You seem content, almost as if you have your life together?

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