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Lane Crawford Talks

Catching Up with Alexander Wang

Image Courtesy of alexanderwang

Heading up an iconic brand that continues to evolve and excite, Alexander Wang is the creative director with an innate skill for distilling the zeitgeist and translating it into covetable, cutting-edge designs. Wang’s ability to stay at the forefront of fashion is partly due to his strategic collaborations and the diverse influences he weaves into his collections. His seamless approach from his humble beginnings to commanding the runways of New York Fashion Week is a testament to his visionary approach and his acute sense of what the modern consumer desires.

Sitting down with Lane Crawford, Alexander Wang talked about the inspiration behind the campaign visual for The Ricco Bag, standout pieces from the collection customers should look out for, his favourite spots in Hong Kong, and more.

Read the interview below

Describe your relationship with Lane Crawford.

My earliest memory of Lane Crawford was that they were on the very first supporters of the brand, internationally. The team always understood me as a Creative Director, and truly gave me the space to create installations and pop-ups that were authentically alexanderwang. To this day, I’m continually appreciative of their dedication to our brand.

We love the campaign visual for The Ricco Bag. How did that come along?

As we say in the office, we’re something you know but not as you know it. This motto has become a part of our brand ethos. For this campaign, the team was inspired by deepfakes, subverting its power and palpability. Ironically, we didn’t use AI or other programs to create these images.

What are some of the standout pieces from your latest collection that Lane Crawford customers should look out for?

To start, it would be the return of the Rocco, now known as the Ricco, which comes in two sizes with dual adjustable straps. It represents the tried-and-tested codes of our house, our legacy, hardware, and leather radically reengineered. Its singular-seam design retains the bag’s shape while creating a natural slouch.

Pre-Styled pieces—whether as a tailoring set with the blazer and skort or as the balloon jeans, these challenge dress codes and offer styling versatility.

The satin faille top and balloon jeans with allover distressed crystal hotfix. Courtside looks and basketball jerseys are an ever-evolving inspiration for the team. I liked the textural juxtaposition of the satin faille top against the distressed crystal hotfix, an ever-evolving brand narrative.

Workwear trompe-l’oeil oversized shirt—a hero style for Pre-Fall 2024 that recontextualizes Americana workwear, and our Zipped sleeve rounded trucker jacket, explores functional hardware with a new approach

Image Courtesy of alexanderwang

How does your design philosophy resonate with Lane Crawford’s discerning clientele?

I’ve always loved shopping at Lane Crawford because of its trailblazing curation of luxury brands and how their stories are told. At alexanderwang, we’ve been in the business for almost twenty years, exploring the luxury of sharp edges through our tried-and-true design, campaigns, and activations. Whenever I visit Lane Crawford, I feel like I’m in good company because you’re a retailer that understands nuances.

What’s your take on AI? Do you see it as an advantage or disadvantage in your creative process?

I draw a lot of inspiration from AI. It’s a fascinating tool, and companies, creatives, and designers must embrace it. However, the best strategy for staying ahead of the curve is to achieve the right tension between maximizing its potential for human-driven ideas and efficiencies.

What are your favourite spots and must-dos while you’re in Hong Kong?

I love Hong Kong; it’s a place that means so much to me personally and the brand. This is where we launched our first pop-up, and it helped us expand into Asia. The food is always amazing and incomparable. I’ve been going to Lei Garden and Hui Lau Shan for years.

Image Courtesy of alexanderwang

Recently, you’ve been high-lighting and celebrating your Asian-American heritage - for example, your fashion show in Los Angeles in the heart of Chinatown. What does your heritage mean to you?

My heritage is fundamental to who I am, and in the last 5 years or so I’ve really spent time exploring my family and I’s history and taking the time to learn more about our culture. My family were with me when I first started the brand 19 years ago, and I couldn’t have done it without them. In everything we do, I always try to find ways to celebrate and amplify my background – whether it’s a show, campaign and designing.

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