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Beauty Summer Sets

The summer season is finally here! With the warmer weather in full swing, it’s time to beat the heat and get sun-ready with our heatwave beauty essentials. From haircare to skincare, we’ve got you covered with three different beauty sets you need to feel and look your best this summer.

Sunscreen Trio

Luminous Protection for Every Adventure

While any sunscreen is better than none, Lane Crawford has curated a list of sunscreen products to match the form of sun protection to your lifestyle and needs, giving you the best possible protection from sun damage.

FRANZ Skincare - Naked SunShield Peptide Suncream 50ml (SPF 50+ PA++++)

If you’re looking for a light-as-air, glow-boosting sunscreen for everyday use, FRANZ has got you covered! FRANZ’s sunscreen is enriched with a blend of 8 types of peptides that replenishes your skin with anti-aging benefits.

EVY - Daily Defence Face Mousse 75ml (SPF 50+ PA++++)

On the hunt for sunscreen that stays put through the most arduous watersports or outdoor activities? EVY’s Mousse sunscreen is loved for its lightweight feel and versatile wear along with an 8-hour-lasting, non-greasy formula. Infused with Vitamin C, E, HA, and collagen to prevent hyperpigmentation, a perfect pal for your next outdoor adventure.

Beauty of Joseon - Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics 50ml (SPF50+ PA++++)

One of the easiest ways to streamline your skincare routine is to make your sunscreen work double-duty as both sun protectant and base product - BOJ’s multitasker sunscreen does just that. Rich in rice and probiotics ingredients that help the skin develop its own strength, it brings together moisture, and broad-spectrum sun protection in a single product.

Hair Suncare

For The Coiffure Connoisseur

The hotter months call for an upgraded regimen that will defend your hair against sun damage. Summer is the season of sun, surfing, and fun, but it can also wreak havoc on your hair. From UV damage to salty water and chlorine, summer activities can leave your hair dry, damaged, frizzy and brittle.


Before you head out to your outdoor activities, apply EVY mousse for long-lasting UV protection throughout the day – against dryness, bleaching and discolouring caused by the sun. The lightweight formula softens and detangles your hair, without weighing it down.

Miriam Quevedo - Caviar Hair Loss Shampoo

Miriam Quevedo - Extreme Caviar Conditioner Balm 250ml

As for your nighttime haircare routine, try incorporating Miriam Quevedo’s shampoo and conditioner. MQ’s shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and hair while infusing both with nourishing vitamins and hydration. Follow it with MQ’s conditioner designed to hydrate, smoothen, and detangle hair so yours feels restored post-sun.

Acne No More Skincare set

Say Hello to Your Best Summer Skin

Perfecting your summer skincare routine is all about managing excessive oil production – Say goodbye to acne-prone skin in summer with these skincare products that will keep your complexion clear, hydrated, and protected all season long.

Step 1: Lighten up your cleanser

Tatcha - The Matcha Cleanse 150ml

Warmer weather often leads to more oil production, so using a gentle yet hard-working cleanser from Tatcha is key for removing impurities and deep-cleansing pores. However, if you’re a double cleansing advocate, use micellar water as your first cleanse to melt away makeup.

Step 2: Exfoliate Twice a Week

Paula’s Choices - Kin Perfecting 2% Bha Liquid Exfoliant 118ml

Exfoliating regularly (two times per week is ideal) to remove dead skin cells is crucial if you want a visible change to your skin. Powered by a blend of acids, Paula’s Choice exfoliator does a number on skin texture, leading to a smoother, radiant looking complexion.

Step 3: Lock in Moisture

Franz Skincare - Jet Plus Dual Facial Mask

Since exfoliating clears pores and enhances the absorption of other ingredients, it’s especially important to always follow up with moisturizing facial mask to lock nourishment and hydration. Look to lightweight yet quick absorbing options from FRANZ for a rejuvenated skin.

Last but not least, enjoy a complimentary 1ml sachet of Pavise - Dynamic Age Defense SPF30 (PA++++) that regenerates damaged skin, neutralises 80% of harmful ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), and delivers the utmost protection against UVB, UVA, and visible light with every set!

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