At Lane Crawford, we aim to curate a global luxury shopping experience while supporting a flourishing planet and society. That’s why we have launched Building a Better Future, our pioneering, long-term programme that seeks to help us address major environmental and social issues across our business.

“When we talk about sustainability at Lane Crawford, we articulate our deeply held ethos that it’s our job to take responsibility for people and planet. The Earth has finite resources, and we are custodians of these resources. Yet our consumption levels threaten to undermine the integrity of the planet for future generations. We must prioritise decisive action.

Building a Better Future acknowledges that we are in the business of selling beautiful products that people desire and need; but it also means our customers can be assured of balanced consumption that does not needlessly degrade our precious environment.

Above all, we are a business that is based on humanity – and that means all of humanity. As we evolve Building A Better Future, look out for innovative and encompassing standards on diversity to complement our ecological and wellness drive. Whether you work with us or shop with us, you can have complete confidence that our values reflect yours”.

- Andrew Keith, President of Lane Crawford

This programme is founded upon our three sustainability pillars: environment, wellness and community. Environment refers to reducing our impact on the planet; wellness focuses on enhancing the health and happiness of our people; while cooperation ties everything together by harnessing the collective influence of our community to drive industry-wide change.

Here are our initiatives for each pillar:


We have taken steps to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations; from installing energy efficient technologies across our stores to upgrading our packaging materials to those with a lower impact.

Over the past two years, we have started to ship goods by sea instead of air in order to reduce our carbon footprint, and to minimise plastic waste, plastic hangers and garment covers are also being recycled in Hong Kong and across China. Bubble wrap is replaced with recyclable and biodegradable craft paper where possible.

During Christmas 2018, we released new biodegradable shopping bags and gift boxes in our signature bronze colour. Made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper from responsibly managed forests, all tge shopping bags and gift boxes are printed using water-based inks, to reduce the use of polluting chemicals.

For saving energy, we introduced a new fleet of electric trucks in China and plan to launch our first hybrid truck in Hong Kong in 2019.


The health and happiness of our people is important to us, which is why we offer a variety of mental and physical wellness activities at our head office in Hong Kong, as well as events across our operations in China.

Providing development opportunities is also a fundamental aspect of our wellness strategy. That’s why we launched the Lane Crawford Academy, which offers extensive coaching and online learning opportunities to all employees.


We invite our employees, customers, brand partners and community to join us along our sustainability journey and be a force for progress across the industry.

Our employees and creative community are crucial to us; we are honoured to receive the Hong Kong Best Employer Brand Awards from World HRD Congress in 2018, for our efforts at effectively attracting, retaining and developing talents. We have also been awarded China’s Healthiest Workplace by Mercer Consulting for supporting the work-life balance of our employees.

Empowering and nurturing our creative community is also of high importance to us. We are proud to be named as Asia Pacific’s 2018 Talent Accelerator of the Year in IDC’s Digital Transformation Awards, for our Creative Call Out programme, a platform for us to nurture the best emerging talents around the world.

We are engaging with all brands, designers and businesses we work with to see how we can collaborate towards achieving more responsible supply chains and sourcing practices. This process will enable us to unearth meaningful stories to share with our customers, supporting them to make informed shopping decisions and experience luxury in a new, more sustainable, way.

Building a Better Future is not just part of our business, it’s our commitment to working in a way to ensure we protect our planet and ignite positive change within our community and beyond.