Aesop has always done things in their own, unique way. While the rest of the industry uses of-the-moment buzzwords like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ to gain attention, the Australian beauty company is driven by the power of the product alone. With a deep-rooted philosophy that combines the best of both advanced science and exceptional botanical ingredients, they have created cult products for over 20 years. Encased in near-identical amber bottles and squeezable tubes so as not to detract attention from the formulations themselves, the efficacy of Aesop products speak for themselves.

Aesop don’t believe in ‘anti’ – which means no ‘anti-ageing’ or ‘anti-redness’ claims – instead, their focus is on how their products can help clients make the most of their own unique and individual beauty. Aesop also doesn’t prescribe to the idea of a ‘signature’ product as each formula is tailored for different skin types and are to be used depending on how the skin feels based on environmental and wellness factors. The idea being that you can pick and choose your own personal regime based on exactly what it might need at that time.

Just like the products themselves, nothing with Aesop is generic and each store around the world has been designed with the city and location in mind to create a hub that feels totally in sync with its environment. But the real beauty of Aesop is within each bottle, it’s just a bonus that its pared back sleek aesthetic makes for an instantly Instagrammable, envy-inducing beauty shelf.

Discover Aesop’s new counters in store at Lane Crawford Canton Road, Times Square and Pacific Place home store.