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Female designer brands to have on your radar

Image Courtesy of WE11DONE

International Women’s Day, observed on March 8 every year, marks a moment for women to be celebrated in every way possible. There are many female designers to spotlight and embrace their contributions to the fashion industry.

In honour of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we’ve rounded up a list of female designer brands to have on your radar, shining a light on the women breaking the mould in business.

Image Courtesy of SKIMS


SKIMS, founded by Kim Kardashian in 2019, empowers women with comfortable, inclusive lingerie and loungewear. Championing body positivity and honoring diversity, SKIMS warmly welcomes women of every silhouette, shade, and background. Seamlessly blending comfort, functionality, and flair, SKIMS uplifts women, igniting a sense of confidence and empowerment within them. As a vanguard in the realm of fashion, SKIMS remains steadfastly committed to the cause of female empowerment.

Image Courtesy of sacai


Japanese designer Chitose Abe, previously at COMME des GARCONS and Junya Watanabe, founded her own label in 1999. Inspired by motherhood, Abe created sacai as a creative outlet. With complete control and creative freedom, Abe’s unique vision propelled sacai to success, earning her recognition among top designers. In 2011, sacai made a stunning debut in Paris, captivating Western buyers and paving the way for collaborations with Beats by Dre and Nike, further expanding its influence.

Image Courtesy of The Row

The Row

Luxe minimalism, effortlessly elevates basic wardrobe essentials into symbols of luxury and distinction. The brand’s genesis traces back to 2005, when Ashley embarked on a quest to redefine the quintessential T-shirt for women of all walks of life. Methodically honing her designs, she conducted meticulous trials with women spanning diverse body types and ages, seeking a nexus of fit and ethos. The moniker “The Row” pays homage to London’s venerable Savile Row, renowned for its unrivaled sartorial finesse—a legacy seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of today’s The Row offerings.

Image Courtesy of WE11DONE


We11done, one of Seoul’s finest streetwear labels, lives up to its name. Designers Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung launched the brand in 2016, following the success of their concept shop, Rare Market. With a bold and avant-garde approach, We11done has made a significant impact on the global fashion stage while staying true to its roots.

Image Courtesy of Amina Muaddi

Amina Muaddi

Muaddi’s mastery in the realm of women’s footwear is undeniable. Her designs seamlessly intertwine cultural motifs, opulence, and feminine charm, enchanting women worldwide. Whether it’s the iconic glass-like heels, intricate embellishments, or the seamless blend of refinement and whimsy, Amina Muaddi shoes encapsulate the epitome of contemporary elegance. With her innate talent and visionary approach, Muaddi consistently challenges conventions, reshaping the landscape of exquisite footwear. For those yearning to elevate their shoe repertoire with a dash of allure, hers is a name to cherish.

Celebrate and show support for female-owned brands with our curated edit below.

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