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Skin: Coming Up Roses

The every day ingredient that is as miraculous as it is beautiful

Few ingredients in the beauty world are as versatile or ubiquitous as rose. Complex and potent, it’s rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with benefits that are seemingly endless: anti-inflammatory, moisturising and brightening, it’s appropriate for skin that’s bumpy and acne-prone, dry, sensitive or irritated.

Besides reducing inflammation, rose is awesome at reducing scars, eliminating redness and generally inducing calmness. Its astringent and antibacterial properties mean that it’s great for oily skin, and its vitamin C and E content means that it’s great for banishing dullness and infusing moisture. It also protects the skin from pollution, helps to detox and can soothe sunburn.

Rose Oils

If this all sounds a little too miraculous, now you know the reason almost every skincare brand has a line of products relating to roses. Rosehip oil is known to be great for filling out fine lines, and is great for people who can get breakouts from oils. In other words, no matter what your skin type, rose and derivative ingredients are safe to use.

Rose Fragrances

But rose’s healing properties extend far beyond skincare. As a fragrance, it has benefits beyond a soothing, feminine scent. The scent of rose can relieve stress, improve sleep quality and even decrease menstrual cramps — it’s also, unsurprisingly, a great scent to induce romance or love.

Rose Supplements

Given its innumerable benefits, it should come as no surprise that ingesting rose in the form of rosewater or tea can have a positive effect on the body. It’s hydrating, which will have a knock-on effect on your skin, a mood enhancer or calmer, and can help with digestion and bloating, as well as warding off colds and sore throats and decreasing bodily inflammation.

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