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Re Rag Rug

Re Rag Rug is an innovative experimental project by Swedish designers Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans. The pair have been working together since 2001, sharing a curiosity for all textile techniques, materials and recycling methods, and are constantly experimenting to find new and contemporary expressions.

In Re Rag Rug, they combine all their experiences and challenge themselves as designers to develop a new concept for the rug. “A rug serves as an aesthetic element and brings a tactile experience when sat, walked and crawled upon. A beautiful rug is sustainable by having a long life and because of its multi-functionality. In Sweden, the rag rug is part of our textile heritage, but why has it looked the same for so long?” the duo ask.

Together, they developed the concept of creating a new rug from materials donated to them. In 2012, they amassed old T-shirts, sweaters and waste materials from the textile industry, creating 12 rugs in 12 months using 12 different textile techniques.

To celebrate Lane Crawford’s 165th anniversary, Re Rag Rug has specially created a rug called “Off Pist” inspired by the basic white tee.

Discover Re Rag Rug in store at Lane Crawford ifc mall.