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PANGAIA is here
at lane crawford

Introducing PANGAIA, the eco-friendly fashion label
backed by science

Indoors will be the new outdoors as social distancing measures begin to tighten again. On the lookout for cosy loungewear? Meet PANGAIA - derived from the words Pan (meaning all inclusive) and Gaia (meaning mother Earth) -a material science company led by a global group of scientists, technologists, and designers. The brand's mission is simple: to create a responsible wardrobe manufactured from renewable and alternative resources. Launching at Lane Crawford in stores – for the first time in Asia – and online, you can experience these easy-to-wear gender neutral lifestyle essentials fit for your whole family.

“A global collective of one heart and many hands — scientists, technologists, designers — creating essential products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials” -

Our PANGAIA edit at Lane Crawford spotlights three innovative fabrics – C-FIBER™, PPRMINT™, and organic cotton - in a mélange of appetising colours. Its technology is seamlessly woven into every fibre of each piece, making the brand’s mission inseparable from the clothing.

Here, we breakdown how these natural materials are being augmented with scientific and technological processes:


It takes around 3,000 litres of water to make one cotton shirt, and 1/4 of all chemicals manufactured in the world is made to create textiles. Traces of these chemicals leaking into our waterways, and eventually into our faucets.


PANGAIA’s innovative technology, C-FIBER ™ makes use of eucalyptus pulp and seaweed powder to create fabric that is water and energy efficient. Seaweed is a naturally regenerative resource that grows abundantly under the sea. Eucalyptus is a low-maintenance plant that grows on dry land without irrigation, nor pesticides.


Expect soft, silky styles as comfortable as your favourite t-shirt that support the ecosystems used to create it and give back to the planet what we take. It is biological circularity that starts and ends in nature.


An average household uses 100,000 gallons of water a year, with a significant volume to wash our clothes. There is a common misconception that all clothes need to be washed after every wear.


Peppermint essential oil is extracted from the Mentha piperita plant by way of steaming, and without need for any chemical. Clothing treated with natural, plant-based peppermint oil neutralises and prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria – reducing the need to wash garments in between wear.


The anti-bacterial effects of PPRMINT™ means you can wear garments multiple times before it needs a wash. PPRMINT™ lasts as many as 50 washes, without impact to the fabric’s texture, colour, or other properties, saving water, time, and energy.


The world’s over-reliance on cotton weakens the soil, depletes soil nutrients, reduces local biodiversity, and increases the risk of pests.


PANGAIA uses non-food crop fibres responsibly grown and rain-fed, without use of toxic pesticides. Plant fibres are natural, renewable and inherently biodegradable.


Whilst growing organic cotton requires use of more land space, 95% of the water used is rain-fed; pesticide-free crops protect water resources.

Join us and celebrate the boundary pushing technology in fashion with the latest from PANGAIA below.

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