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Image courtesy of Clergerie


Step up to higher ground

Words by Joey Wong

Somewhere between the soaring heights of Gene Simmons’ stacked-high thigh-highs and Lady Gaga’s supersized Armadillos, the platform earned itself a bad rap. They’re a little too high, too “stage”, too much.

Then, the tides shifted.

We’re all for wearing high and higher heels for a bit of fantasy. Live out yours in these platformed beauties from Clergerie — the view’s great from up here.

Where: The Office

Feeling iffy about that surprise boardroom meeting or that salary negotiation you’ve initiated and now dread? There’s something to be said for faking it ‘til you make it. So, wear that co-ord power suit, hands at your hips Superman-style. Tower over your team in strappy platform sandals. Whatever you need to feel that boost of capital-C confidence.

Where: The Beach

A real question for this season: socks and sandals? We think yes. Especially when your sandals are micro-blocked and Clergerie cool, worn with toes tucked into shiny foiled socks. Socks worn to be seen! A fluttery C/MEO dress, wide-brimmed sun hat and smudges of SPF 50+ complete your heatwave edit.

Where: The Gig

It’s time to give your combat boots a mini sabbatical; you’d want to keep these platform kicks — just a touch tighter, smarter and sleeker — on rotation. Team with a sleek Jil Sander half-placket shirt, some Euphoria-style eye glitter, and backstage passes with your name on it.

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