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New Year’s wellness resolutions Now Santa’s off duty for another year, we’re making a new checklist – one that places mental and physical health as a priority for 2019

Prioritise sleep

Getting those Zs isn’t selfish, it’s considerate – you’re a better person when you’re well-rested, not to mention more efficient. If you’re struggling to stay rested, essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs can help improve quality of sleep. “Botanicals such as mogra, kewda, Kashmiri lavender, jatamansi and gul heena can impact the limbic region of the brain, relaxing and calming the mind,” explains Farida Irani, founder of natural skincare brand Subtle Energies. “The essential oil tulasi is an adaptogen that can assist in focusing and getting rid of anxiety and fear, thereby changing patterns of sleep deprivation and inducing sleep,” she adds. To aid your slumber in the new year, try a combination of Subtle Energies’ most relaxing blends and sleep aids: Bliss Blend, Tranquility Body Blend, Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patch and Relax Body Mist.

Clean up your act

Alina Roytberg, the founder of natural beauty company Fresh, admits her ultimate beauty secret is an obvious one. “Wash your makeup off before you go to bed,” she says. “It’s simple, but it’s important. [Think about the] pollution and all the old makeup, all those silicone-based products you’re putting on. And keep your hands away from your face, that’s how you break out.” To cut through daily build-up, try double cleansing; first with an oil, then with the Fresh favourite Soy Face Cleanser. Running a cotton pad soaked in toner or essence over your face will make sure any remnants of the day’s makeup are erased, paving the way for unblocked pores and clearer skin, as well as allowing serum and cream to be absorbed more efficiently.

Make hydration a habit

Hydration is key to skin health, and a lack of water can lead to bloating, low energy, headaches and muscle cramps. Aim to drink three litres of water a day, or more if you’re a big coffee drinker (caffeine is a diuretic). Make drinking water more tempting, and reduce single-use plastic consumption, by toting one of VitaJuwel’s gemstone-infused reusable water bottles. There are three Lane Crawford global exclusive VitaJuwel bottles to explore: Peace & Joy, Detox and Of Magic & Dreams.

Take time for yourself

Meditation and mindfulness are perfect partners, but why not add masking to the mix? After all, there’s no reason your face shouldn’t heal while your mind is doing the same. Close your bedroom door and take between 10 and 30 minutes to unwind from the day’s stresses with your favourite meditation app. Before you start, slow down your brain by engaging in a mindful skincare ritual, then apply a mask as you settle in to meditate. Match your mask to your meditation style: If you prefer to sit up, then go with a cream mask like Sisley’s Facial Mask with Linden Blossom. If you prefer lying down, a sheet mask will work wonders. And if all this relaxation sends you off to sleep, opt for an overnight mask like La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, and you’ll look, and feel, like a new person come morning.

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