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Mist-ery Solved

The lowdown on facial mists

Facial mists can be your best friend if you know how to use them — or your worst enemy if you don’t. To give you a hand, we’ve rounded up three of the most common types.

Thermal Water

The most basic category of mists, thermal-water sprays make a great pick-me-up. Be aware that they can dry out your skin, but not if you use them correctly. The key is to blot your face with a clean tissue after use and make sure the water doesn’t sit on top of the skin — when it evaporates, so will the moisture on your face, making your skin even drier. This is particularly important on planes, so pack a hydrating mist for your travel use.

Hydrating Mists

Hydrating mists, on the other hand, are filled with moisture-binding ingredients that ensure the mist particles hug the face and infuse your pores with the good stuff. In fact, using a hydrating mist before you apply your serum and moisturiser can actually help your products penetrate deep into the dermis. It doesn’t hurt to mist in between your make-up steps, either, before and after primer, foundation and powder, helping the layers to blend into each other more seamlessly. If you have oily skin, misting regularly helps your skin stay hydrated and controls compensatory sebum production.

Setting Sprays

Powdering to excess is something of a necessity when you live in a tropical climate, but no one wants to look like a geisha all day. Setting sprays help melt your powder finish and make your face dewy and naturally flawless — just make sure you spray from a distance. And when you’re retouching your foundation, facial mists mean you don’t have to start from scratch: just spritz, touch up and blend while your face is still damp, conceal where you need and voila!

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