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A BIG eye moment

Book your microblading session before the festivities begin

If you’ve been following our pre-holiday beauty regimen for the past two weeks, you’ll know that skincare treatments are having a BIG moment in our beauty department. If you haven’t booked your laser treatment already, we advise you to do so as slots are filling up fast.

This week we asked brow artist Donald Chiu, who is offering his services at Lane Crawford ifc mall and Lane Crawford Canton Road, to give us the lowdown on microblading.

What is the difference between microblading and microshading?

Microblading uses a bladed needle to apply pigmentation underneath the skin. The technician fills your brows by making hair-like strokes that look like natural eyebrow hair.

Microshading uses pin-like dots of pigmentation to achieve a powdered eyebrow look.

Who is suitable for this service?

We’d recommend microblading to those that have experienced hair loss and want to achieve perfectly symmetrical, natural, and fuller looking brows that last for up to a year. Of course, this is also for those who do wish to skip on brow products on a daily basis.

There is no single "perfect" candidate for microblading. Anyone who wants fuller-looking eyebrows shaped to their wishes is ideal for the treatment.

Having said that, however, candidates with the following conditions should refrain from microblading:

• Eczema (in the eyebrow area)

• Psoriasis (in the eyebrow area)

• Keratosis Pilaris (in the eyebrow area)

• Dermatitis (itchy and flaky skin in the eyebrow area)

• Blood Thinners (microblading will create excessive bleeding)

• Heart Conditions (for those that are taking blood thinners)

• Hemophilia (excessive bleeding may occur)

• Pregnant (Absolutely not!)

• Breast-feeding (Absolutely not!)

How does it work?

Microblading is a specialized eyebrow treatment that adds pigment into the superficial layers of the skin to resemble eyebrow hair.

The term "microblade" refers to the simple, hand-controlled tool that the technician uses to add pigment into your eyebrows. The tool has about nine very tiny blades, which make very fine lines in your eyebrows into which colour pigments are then deposited.

With pigment added, the fine lines resemble real hair, so that your eyebrows look fuller.

Is there any downtime?

You may notice a little swelling and pinkness around your eyebrows during treatment, this will disappear within 24 – 48 hours.

Results are immediate. Now, fall in LOVE with your new brows.

Why is it good to do it before the holidays?

There may be a bit of scabbing for a few days after the treatment, and you will need to avoid sun exposure and eye makeup until you’ve completely healed.

Do you have any post-treatment tips?

For the first week after treatment, gently clean your eyebrows daily with a damp cloth. Allow your brows to air dry, and then apply the post-treatment oil supplied by your technician. Don’t sleep on your face for the first few days after the procedure. Avoid eye makeup, exercising, saunas, baths, and long showers for the first week to keep your eyebrows dry. Limit sun exposure. And, don’t scratch or pick at your eyebrows.

Is there a post treatment eye care routine to recommend?

Increase your water intake. Keeping the body hydrated with adequate fluid intake is important for everyone. Steer clear of drying culprits and avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol. Wear sunscreen by carefully dabbing some sunscreen around your eyes in the morning and reapply throughout the day for optimum coverage.

I also recommend investing in a dedicated eye serum and eye cream. Serums are best for people with oily skin, and eye creams are recommended for people with dry skin.

See the edit of nourishing eyecare below

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