Meet the Maker: Stellar Works Founder Yuichiro Hori on creating genuine uniqueness

Stellar Works is known for its refined sensibility and its contemporary view of Asian-originated, globe-spanning design. There’s a lot we could say about it, but instead we asked CEO and founder Yuichiro Hori five questions.

Stellar Works is quite unique to the outsider: French and Japanese founders, products made in China, innovative manufacturing techniques. But what do you think sets you apart?

I think that by drawing together a unique combination of heritage, craft skills and production expertise from Europe and Asia, we’ve created a genuinely international design brand with real cross-cultural resonance. I believe this bringing together of cultures is what sets us apart.

Why did you feel it was important to launch Stellar Works?

As we all know, many people believe that designs come from the US or Europe while the manufacturing is done in China. I wanted to create timeless design with high-quality manufacturing in China, and to create the first international design brand in Asia to bridge the current and next generations.

What led you to appoint Neri&Hu as creative directors?

We love Neri&Hu’s design philosophy: East and West, heritage and modernity, craft and industry – we think they bring the best of the past into the light of the present. They oversee the fundamentals of all our creative work; they guide the team at Stellar Works towards our visual vision and are part of our product development discussions.

What was the importance of using high-quality manufacturing in China?

From the beginning, we had the strategy of combining Japanese operations management, the high-end craftsmanship of French furniture making and the technical proficiency of our Shanghai production team. We actually opened a purpose-built factory in Shanghai. The city was already well-established as an international hub for furniture production with a wealth of technical know-how, and traditional craft skills existed but we felt they were untapped.

What drew you to collaborate with Yabu Pushelberg, and what was the vision for the collection?

Their global vision and avant-garde design drew us. We think Yabu Pushelberg brings together innovative materials, talented artisans and a trend-transcending approach; their designs have real personality and emotional resonance.

Discover Stellar Works at Lane Crawford ifc mall, Lane Crawford Pacific Place home store and Lane Crawford Shanghai Times Square . Designs are available for purchase in-store, for more information please contact our Customer Care team.

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