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Knowing your skin’s undertone will help you determine your perfect foundation match

Words by Christina Ko

Whether you haven’t seen the sun in months or you’re a bronzed goddess year-round actually makes zero difference to your skin’s undertone – every person’s skin falls into one of three categories…and it doesn’t change with sun exposure or the season.

Determining your skin tone is as easy as checking out the veins in your arm. If they’re blue or purple, you’re likely cool-toned, whereas if they skew green, your skin is probably warm-toned. Those with neutral skin tones will have veins that fall into neither category.

Similarly, if you wear a lot of silver jewellery and it suits you, then you’re likely a cool-toned beauty, while gold flatters those with warm tones. Neutral gals and guys can switch between gold and silver easily.

When you’re shopping for products, this is information that you can give beauty assistants to help you pick your foundation match. If you’re shopping without assistance, cool-toned foundations will appear more pink in the bottle while warm-toned bases tend to be a little more yellow.

Remember, though your skin’s undertone never changes, its colour tone does based on your tan, so to keep your foundation on point year-round, it pays to keep bottles of your favourites in lighter and darker shades. This way, you can switch between or mix two together to create the perfect fit whenever you please.

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