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Reduce fashion waste with a perfect piece at this pop-up

Inspiring conscious living for all, LUXARITY is a social impact initiative that collects, curates and sells pre-owned luxury items to raise funds and reduce fashion waste. LUXARITY aspires to create a community of people who share its ‘R.A.W.’ values of responsibility, awareness and wonder, and this year its pop-up sale at Lane Crawford ifc mall will include curated luxury goods donated by Fashion Designers Gabriela Hearst, Phillip Lim, Maggie Marilyn, Entrepreneur and Influencer Mira Duma, Publisher of Tank magazine and Fashion Director Caroline Issa, and Fashion Director Grace Lam, among others.

LUXARITY founder Cristina Ventura spoke to us about the initiative, and how it is reducing fashion waste.

How did you come to form LUXARITY?

It started a few years ago, when I moved to Apple to open the Hong Kong SAR and China markets. After working for LVMH, Gucci and Prada for several years, I’d accumulated lots of luxury items, and moving to lead Apple, where I just needed jeans and T-shirts, I decided to sell my luxury pieces and give all the benefits to The Women’s Foundation of Hong Kong SAR. I realised then that there was strong demand for this circular fashion business model, and also for being involved in a community that upholds conscious living values. These are the values LUXARITY is founded on: Responsibility, Awareness and Wonder, which represent three of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, namely Responsible Consumption and Production, Quality Education, and Good Health and Well-being.

How does it work?

It’s about minimising waste and maximising impact. We do this by creating a circular economy of pre-loved luxury items and directing the funds towards meaningful grants that support sustainability and responsible consumption. This year we’re going one step further by using blockchain technology to bring more traceability, transparency and innovation to the pre-loved ownership experience.

And you also presented the R.A.W. Prize. Tell us about that.

All proceeds from the LUXARITY Preloved Pop-Up 2019 will go towards funding the HK$500,000 R.A.W. Prize which has been developed in partnership with Generation T to support a project working towards UN SDG #12 Responsible Consumption and Production. This year’s grant recipient is Sissi Chao who is the founder of REmakeHub, a social enterprise which creates impactful and traceable circular waste management solutions and transforms waste into the new generational lifestyle products through high tech innovation material and sustainable design.

How was the winner chosen?

The finalists were judged by teams from Lane Crawford Joyce Group and Gen.T on The R.A.W. Night according to five main pillars: the degree of their project’s alignment with the UN SDG #12 of Responsible Consumption and Production, their potential impact in the Greater China region, their project’s current and/or potential use of technology to scale, their leadership potential and ability to inspire through their vision, and their intended use of the prize money.

What else can fashion consumers do to reduce waste?

The best way to is to wear what you already have, and when you do have to refresh your wardrobe, to acquire pre-loved, high-quality or luxury garments that you’ll cherish for a long time. When it’s time to pass them on, you could donate or resell them. Luxury items create a sustainable value within the fashion industry as they can be reused, and in this way we could collectively move towards a more circular fashion system where less or even no waste is created by consumers.

The LUXARITY pop-up sale will take place at Lane Crawford ifc mall from October 5 to 19.

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