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Image courtesy of Herman Miller


How to curate a space that’s stylish and functional

Our homes are no longer just homes. More people than ever are embracing remote working and freelancing, meaning homes are spaces where we both live and work (and, we hope, play a bit). For those of us in smaller spaces, these historically separate activities might now take place in the same room. While combining living and working like this has its advantages, the best way to maximise your time and enjoyment of both is to create a space as stylish as it is functional.

A great office starts with a great chair, and Herman Miller has set the standard for decades, working with legends such as Charles and Ray Eames and Isamu Noguchi as well as more modern names like Naoto Fukasawa. If you’re after a chair that means business and still looks the goods, the uber-modern, ergonomic Sayl Chair by Yves Béhar is a strong choice. If you’d like something that blends living and working a bit more, the iconic series of Eames moulded chairs might be a better fit (the rocking chair is a great choice for inspired evenings).

Image courtesy of Herman Miller

The same multifunctional approach works for desks, where office desk and dining table can be the same thing. Herman Miller’s Carafe tables, in a variety of sizes, are designed to do exactly this, with sleek oak tops complemented by discreet drawers. De La Espada x Matthew Hilton’s Orson Desk can work in the same way, or if you’d prefer something dedicated to work, the Lane Crawford-exclusive André Fu Living model and Case’s economical Celine provide visually strong and practical choices.

Image courtesy of Herman Miller

Quality deskware is also a must, and can make for a versatile decorative element as well. Closed boxes can store work or personal items and hide the clutter — try L’Objet’s Rectangle Boxes or Jonathan Adler’s Globo series. Understated leather trays from the André Fu Living collection are never out of place, nor are Pinetti’s colourful selection of leather stationery holder, trays and boxes. Bookends range from the playful Zuny takes to more sophisticated models by the likes of L’Objet. And what provides a better finishing touch to a workspace than a task lamp? Anglepoise’s classic Mini Desk Lamp gives a timeless touch, or go for Piffany Copenhagen’s playful Mr.  Watson.

These items are all stylish enough to hold their own as decorative objects, but can also be put away in favour of some more homey pieces. This is a good way to mark the mental transition away from work, and quirky pieces are perfect for it. We especially love X+Q’s and L’Objet x Haas Brothers’ fun sculptures, or for a more glam evening look opt for a table lamp by Fortanaarte or solid brass Sheath tealight holders by Studio Henry Wilson. Top it off by embracing the play in live, work and play with a multi game box by Agresti.

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