Upon first encounter with Cotodama’s Lyric speaker, you may wonder what it is? Is it a speaker, a music visualisation or art installation? Or all three? We asked Lane Crawford’s Director of Innovation, Andrew Massey, to share his insights.

The Lyric speaker enhances the experience of listening to music by incorporating sound and visuals, giving a deeper connection between the listener and music; as you listen to a song the lyrics appear on the screen. “The speaker helps the listener to interpret and understand the song further. There may be songs where you don’t really listen to the lyrics; this speaker changes that,” says Andrew Massey. Creating a new way to listen to music conveniently, the focus is on the audio but the Lyric Speaker simulates two senses simultaneously without conflicting one another. Masey adds “the lyrics are displayed in a very unintrusive way, it’s not distracting like having a music video playing in the background.”