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Les Mains Hermès begins the third chapter of Hermès Beauty

Like the face, hands express our personality and require specific beauty care

From the complete hand care cream certified by Cosmos Natural to the colour ritual, composed of 24 colours and finishes inspired by the enamel métier, objects in the Hermès collection pay tribute to the most precious of tools, the hands.
Here, Hermès lends a helping hand and offers their expert advice on how to care for one of the most hard-working parts of your body with the Les Mains collection this holiday.

Les Mains collection: The ritual of colour and care.


Prepare the hands

Using a cotton wool pad soaked with nail polish remover, wipe off any varnish and the oily film naturally present on the nail. Shape your nails using the Hermès file.


The enamel base coat

Apply the enamel base coat to your nails to prepare them for the colour. Place the brush at the base of the nail and sweep it upwards to the tip. Repeat on each side of the nail if necessary to cover its entire surface. Allow to dry for two minutes.


The nail enamel

To apply the nail enamel, place the brush just above the cuticle, at the centre of the lunula, and sweep it upwards to the tip of the nail. Repeat on each side of the nail to cover its entire surface. Allow to dry for two minutes. Applying a second coat will make the colour more intense.


The top coat

To give the colour maximum shine and hold, apply a layer of top coat. The gesture is identical to that of the enamel base. Allow to dry for about fifteen minutes. For a natural look, the top coat can be applied directly over the enamel base.


The nourishing oil

Apply the nail and cuticle nourishing oil to the top of each finger. Massage your cuticles with small circular movements for optimum absorption. This caring gesture can be repeated daily or after the colour ritual.


The repairing and protective complete hand care cream

A pea-sized amount of complete hand care cream is sufficient for optimal hydration. Apply the cream to the back of your hand and smooth with a few circular movements to aid absorption, finishing by massaging each finger. Repeat the gesture as often as you wish, after the colour ritual or on bare hands.

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