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Retiring resolutions once and for all

Words by Bridget Barnett

The time-honoured tradition of setting resolutions at the dawn of a new year is one of the easiest ways to set yourself up for failure. Intentions, on the other hand, are an invitation to more sustainable behavioural change – a healthy handshake from the heart, if you will.

To help you ease into 2021 mindfully, here are three things to keep front of mind…

Image by Danielle MacInnes


Having a narrow goal is like inching your way through a dark drain pipe of disappointment. Broader goals tend to be more holistic and nourishing, increasing your chance of actually making gains in those targeted areas. It’s important to allow yourself to change your mind about what your intentions are – see how the year unfolds, and go with the flow. Don’t force yourself to stick with something if it no longer feels true or relevant for you – goals can and will evolve alongside us.


Wording matters. Phrase your intentions in the present – “I am”, rather than “I will'' – so you can align yourself with change immediately. And with that, don’t spend too much time or energy dwelling in the past. While reflection is an important tool for paving a new path, being present allows you to step into a new experience without being mentally held back by situations or scenarios you wish had unfolded differently.


When it comes to goals, it’s natural to feel guided by what we think we should do. If you’re able to remove the fear of judgement – by yourself or by others – when setting your intentions, you’ll be able to proceed with more authenticity. To do this, try asking yourself what you’d do, what you’d want or what you’d feel if you eliminated that fear. And be kind to yourself – the recognition of your genuine intentions is already a huge achievement.

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