Give your skin an effortless radiance with these easy steps

Director Marlon Rueberg / Make up Jenny Shih and San Chan / Hair Peter Cheng / Model Ting Ting from Supermii

That natural, sun-kissed look is something anyone can achieve, with the right tools and tricks. Here’s our guide to achieving the perfect radiant base enhanced by the faintest application of make-up. Now go and get your glow on!

  1. Cleanse and exfoliate gently with an enzyme cleanser

  2. Use a hydration serum to give your skin a well-deserved drink

  3. Use a radiance serum to lock in that glow

  4. Use an eye cream to ensure the area around your eyes are also hydrated

  5. Pick up your rose quartz gua sha to massage your face for lift and drainage

  6. Take a deep inhale of an essential oil of choice to lift your mood


    Then you’re ready to apply your face!

  7. Mix in a skin illuminator to your foundation and apply with a wet beauty blender. Use the same blender to dot your highlight onto your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow

  8. Define your brows

  9. Dab the faintest shimmer onto your lids with your ring finger

  10. Keep your blush dewy and diffused. A light gloss on the lip is all you need. Mist generously to tie it all together!

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