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Heaven Scent

BON PARFUMEUR’s mix-and-match scent concept offers a world of opportunity

Personalisation is one of the biggest trends in the beauty world, and new-to-Hong Kong French fragrance brand Bon Parfumeur gives customers complete control of their scent whims each and every day.

The atelier’s approach makes eighteen base scents available to mix and match in infinite ways. Sound complicated? It’s not. “The Bon Parfumeur brand is all about bringing simplicity back to fragrance,” says founder Ludovic Bonneton. “With the colour coding, you can identify which fragrance family a particular scent belongs to and then the floor is yours. Experiment and turn up the woody warmth or the fruity pop.”

For a little inspiration, Bonneton’s favourite combination is 201 (a fruity concoction of green apple, lily of the valley and pear) paired with 801, an aquatic mix featuring sea spray, cedar and grapefruit. “It smells like a cocktail with a strong contrast between cold and hot,” he says. Bonneton also favours the dynamic pairing of the floral 001 with woodsy 602.

As for the precise logistics of layering, there are many options: layer one over another or try spritzes on different parts of the body — “one spritz on the right wrist and another on the left,” suggests Bonneton, “or try one spritz on your scarf, your collar or the inside of your jacket, and a spritz from a different fragrance on the skin”. The only limit is your imagination.

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