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The best defense is a good offense – here’s how to keep your immune system in fighting form

Words by Christina Ko

When it comes to boosting your immunity, the first thing to understand is that hero product vitamin C is only one soldier in the battle, no matter how effective it may be at fighting infection.

Welleco’s Super Booster - Immune System Support with Kakadu Plum, for example, is rich in C-heavy Kakadu plum, Acerola cherry powder and moringa leaf extract, but also contains astragalus root, which is particularly good at treating colds and respiratory infections, as well as flu-fighting echinacea root and detoxifying olive leaf powder.

Ensuring your body is efficient in ridding itself of toxins is another way to sustain good health, so don’t discount the benefits of antioxidant-rich beauty supplements – they aren’t just helpful for clearing your complexion. While its immunity-geared supplement is top-notch, Welleco’s The Super Elixir Alkalizing Formula shouldn’t be discounted as additional day-to-day support; as high acidity in the body can create a hospitable environment for illness and disease. That’s why this blend contains antioxidant pomegranate, liver-detoxifying dandelion and kelp: to stimulate the body’s natural metabolic processes and probiotics which promote gut health so your digestive system can operate at an optimum level.

If you are one for whom digestion isn’t as smooth as you’d like it to be, working on improving its function has the added benefit of boosting your overall immunity. Experts say that the gut wall houses 70 percent of the cells affecting the immune system, meaning that many seemingly unrelated health disorders could potentially be corrected by supporting gut bacteria. Dr. Nigma’s Healthy Flora is a probiotic-rich capsule that prevents the formation of toxic compounds and assists in the breakdown of fats and proteins.

The body is pretty good at giving us hints when things aren’t running smoothly. The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Gut Primer champions natural anti-inflammatory ingredients favoured by health professionals including turmeric and licorice root to beat the bloat. The result: less heaviness and water retention, and a healthier you, well-equipped to fight off any infection that comes your way.

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