FILA x 3.1 Phillip LimExclusive Collaboration When luxe modernism meets century-old heritage

Without ridding both labels of their trademark oeuvre, the collection anticipates a carefully balanced line-up that contrives both brands’ tenets — sporty yet feminine, versatile yet sophisticated, utilitarian yet sensual — wholly elevated and thoughtfully curated for the modern global citizen.

Not a collaboration that continues to beat the same athleisure drum, this is one that breaks away from the well-rehearsed cookie-cutter mould and transforms into a new ‘at-leisure’ wardrobe celebrating eclectic, individual style with a touch of sportswear elements. Now you can look forward to logo-emblazoned, striped pieces sidled with artful drapes, pleats, and folds.

Check out this worldly collection in Lane Crawford and FILA stores in China.

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