Fashion Goes Pop Take pop art style out for a spin

Photography by Ken Ngan / Styling by Declan Chan / Makeup by Jenny Shih / Hair by Him Ng / Model Tang Ning Xiu / Artwork by nxcss / Words by Harriet Quick

A little slice of artful fashion can go along way this Spring. A provocative logo, a striking print and a multitude of painterly colours turn everyday items into fashion collectibles with a creative punch.

Lane Crawford’s Director of Fashion, Kelly Wong and her team curated a selection of global exclusive art fashion capsules. Etre Cecile’s sweatshirt with a band of Jim Lambie-esque optic stripes proves a primer with a utility mini skirt; while Simon Miller’s paint daubed white denims suggest experimentation is glorious. All creative spirits have to start somewhere. There’s plenty of wit in Italian label, God Can’t Destroy Streetwear’s bubble-gum pink T-shirt with the graphics ‘Future Logo’.

Not so long ago ‘arty fashion’ used to mean freaky and un-wearable – as in a jacket with three sleeves or a ‘conceptual’ sweatshirt with no neck hole – this time round it’s ready to view and wear.

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