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CBD For Life

Drink it, drop it, rub it in — the benefits of cannabidiol are equal parts unbelievable and unexpected

Words by Christina Ko

Hailed as a miracle worker for its myriad uses and natural credentials, there’s much to learn and love about CBD. Here, we explore just a few of the ways cannabidiol can better the life we live.

It Can Nix Period Pain

Image from @meetdaye

Using 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract in each coating, including 30% CBD and <0.003% THC, Daye Tampons are designed to reduce menstrual pain. The company has done more clinical studies than any other competitor in the market, with users reporting either a substantial reduction or a complete disappearance of associated symptoms. Besides being good for the body, these tampons are also created using sustainable materials.

It Can Soothe Muscle Aches

Image from @wildflower_plantsheal

Consider this a more effective, natural alternative to your deep heat cream. CBD has long been used to alleviate aches and pains, and one of its most impressive incarnations is Wildflower’s CBD Relief Stick. It contains a harmonious balance of broad-spectrum CBD (500mg to be exact) and arnica, as well as nourishing and cooling ingredients such as menthol crystals, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, vitamin E and shea butter.

It Can Boost Immunity

Wildflower also manufactures rechargeable CBD Vaporizers for the control of temperature and dose. Besides a special formula targeting aches, its Immunity blend is designed to ease cold and flu symptoms by harnessing the therapeutic benefits of eucalyptus, myrrh and thyme. This, in combination with pure CBD oil, supports the body’s inflammatory responses and assists with healing.

It’s Kind To Your Skin

Image from @prima

While hardly a new discovery, skincare products that contain CBD are proven to reduce skin inflammation and address a variety of conditions, from a simple case of dryness to aggravated rosacea. New to the Lane Crawford lineup is Prima’s Night Magic, an intensive facial oil that acts while you sleep to boost hydration and radiance. Use it as the last step in your routine to enhance the benefits of your other skincare products, delivering a dose of CBD at the same time.

It Promotes Rest And Relaxation

Image from @oto_cbd_asia

With its notable calming properties, CBD is increasingly being used by insomniacs to fall and stay asleep. RESET Balance is a CBD solution that contains clinically tested CBD isolate, employing a nanoencapsulation delivery system to ensure the good stuff gets into your body quickly and efficiently so you’re not lying awake waiting for the effects to kick in. Another alternative is OTO’s 30% CBD Pillow Mist. Powered by 11 Ayuverdic botanicals, it is inhaled and absorbed through the skin during the night with each body movement.

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