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Get your body back on track in no time with these ingestibles

Words by Christina Ko

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that beauty supplements aren’t just a trend – they’re here to stay. But with so many options, which are the supplements that your body needs, and how are you to know? After binge eating, drinking and staying up late, your body is likely to be dehydrated, bloated and in need of a serious detox.

As skincare specialist to the stars Dr. Nigma Talib points out, inflammation is the root of many evils; from skin issues like acne and rosacea, to broader health issues such as water retention and even cancer. That’s why products like her Immortal Skin Collagen Powder are infused with anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and chlorella, while the Healthy Flora probiotics (probiotics are inherently anti-inflammatory) have grape seed extract which contains resveratrol. Other elements to look out for include omega-3 fatty acids, ginger, zinc and spirulina.

A subscriber to the anti-inflammation theory, Dr. Barbara Sturm discovered that the herb purslane not only contains more omega-3s than fish oil, but also a crazy amount of vitamins – AND it helps to activate telomerase, an enzyme that works to reverse the ageing process. It’s no surprise that purslane is a key ingredient in Sturm’s entire line, from topical to ingestible products. It’s first on the list on her Repair Food supplement, which also contains curcurma root extract, zinc and frankincense – all inflammation fighters.

Image courtesy of The Beauty Chef

The other major category that needs attention is detoxification (which is related to inflammation, but not exactly the same). The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Boost powders use nature’s antioxidants to do this by giving you lots of greens and superfoods in an easy-to-consume powder mix. No matter which mix you pick, you’ll get plenty of fibre-rich fruits, greens, beans and all the headliners from health-food stores such as wheat grass, chia, quinoa, green tea and more.

Obviously, this means your detox routine should start at the dinner table. Don’t think of it as cutting out the bad – imagine you’re adding the good. Greens and berries are particularly strong in antioxidants – the trick is to generally look for fruits and veg that are darker in colour. Adding Perricone MD’s Super Greens Supplement Powder to the mix can’t hurt either because there’s no such thing as too many vegetables.

Above all else, what’s most important – in life, as well as with supplements – is hydration. Your body cannot complete the detoxification process or fight inflammation without plenty of water to flush the bad stuff out.

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