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The German doctor won over Hollywood with her DNA-driven blood facial, and the rest of her skincare is just as good

Of course, Sturm isn’t just a Hollywood bestie — she’s much better known as the orthopaedic doctor turned skin guru who invented the vampire facial, a treatment that takes DNA from a client’s blood and uses it to help heal and rejuvenate the skin. Of course, since her MC1 Blood Cream was only available to those clients who could make it into her physical clinic where the concoction can be created, it only made sense that Sturm quickly began diversifying into other areas of skincare that were a little less invasive.

Her line now comprises high-powered serums and ampoules, quick-fix masks, gentle but effective cleansers and even ingested supplements, all of which focus on giving the skin exactly what it needs to balance itself out. We spoke to her to get some deeper insights about her work and thoughts on skincare.

What's your personal beauty routine?

My beauty routine is by necessity simple. I take my Skin Food, Repair Food and Anti-Pollution Food supplements religiously with breakfast. I cleanse my face with my Cleanser at the end of the day, using my Enzyme Cleanser twice a week for a gentle exfoliation and deeper cleansing. I use my hydrating Face Mask several times a week, and always on travel days. I follow that with my hyaluronic acid- and purslane-based Super Anti-Aging Serum in the evening for the rejuvenating period of sleep, and my Hyaluronic Serum in the morning. I finish with my face cream (the light or rich version depending on season and other factors). Of course, I use my Sun Drops as a broad-spectrum sun protector, and my Anti-Pollution Drops when I’m traveling in cities, and especially Asia and LA.

What are some of the absolute no-nos you tell clients when it comes to their skincare routine?

I tell them to heal rather than attack their skin. That sound logical, but popular “quick fixes” like aggressive acid peels and lasers destroy healthy skin cells and wreck the skin’s delicate but essential natural barrier function. My skincare line and entire philosophy is centred on reducing inflammation, avoiding the triggers of inflammation — including aggressive ingredients and procedures — and using healing ingredient science that provides healthy, glowing skin.

Tell us your number-one beauty secret.

Combat inflammation. This one secret, which contains many sub-secrets, is the basis of my entire medical career.

How important are beauty supplements versus topical products?

They are precisely that, supplements. It’s not either/or. The supplement supports skin health from the inside out, and topical skincaresupports the skin from the outside in. Together, they form a holistic, mutually supportive skincare regimen.

Come and discover Dr. Barbara Sturm‘s Instant Sturm Glow Facial. The powerful active ingredients offer the skin an intense dose of hydration, while a facial massage stimulates circulation and boosts collagen.

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