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Whether sheer, pigmented or something in between, we’ve got you covered

First things first: before you step into the world of matte lips, a little conditioning will go a long way. So make sure your lip prep is on point, because chapped lips are the worst enemy of the meticulous matte look. The good news is that today’s matte lip formulas are lovely and long-lasting, so while they dry down to a glimmer-free finish, they won’t leave your pout dehydrated and dusty-looking. Here are our lipstick picks to help you achieve the matte look you want.

Sheer Matte

They call it the blotted lip, blurred matte or sheer matte — essentially, it’s a shine-free lipstick that’s a little less defined, a little less pigmented but no less of a statement. Known for its consistently high-quality lip formulas, YSL Beauté has a new Rouge Pur Couture, The Slim Sheer Matte that’s buildable up to a medium level of pigmentation and contains special blurring technology to make sure the look of your lips stays soft. The square bullet tip means precision application is possible without liner, and while sheer, the formula has staying power.

Creamy Matte

For a matte that’s luscious and luxurious with a hint of dimension, you’ll need a creamy lipstick like Tom Ford Beauty’s new soft matte lipstick from the latest Boys & Girls collection. Thanks to silicones, the texture of this formula is smooth but still emollient, with mica and silicas that contribute to that silky feeling on the lips. And while the matte lipsticks of yore might have enhanced lip lines and exacerbated dryness, the label’s enriched lipsticks contain oils and butters that nourish your lips with vitamins and antioxidants so that at the end of the day, your pout feels better than it did when you started.

Classic Matte

The matte lip you think about when you hear the word “matte” comes with a crisp lip line, uniform colour throughout and a budge-proof formula that lasts through day, night and even meals and lip-locking sessions. If that’s what you seek, look no further than Rouge d’Armani Matte lipstick, so intense in hue because it contains up to 50 percent more pigments than your typical matte lipstick. It gives you all the colour you need in one swipe, but is hydrating enough that you can wear it comfortably throughout the day. Thanks to a light-diffusing gel, the finish is smooth and velvety.

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