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Earth-friendly, effective and empowering skincare

Words by Christina Ko

It’s no secret that your beauty regime is intensely personal, so it makes sense that, for thousands of years, Ayurvedic masters have been pushing us to understand the differences in our personal make-up.

Whether you are dominant in Vata, Pitta or Kapha—air, fire or earth—with secondary features of another element, you need skincare that makes sense for your body. Luckily, there are many brands adapting ancient wisdom for modern minds and faces. Read on to discover three of our favourites championing holistic products for overall wellbeing as well as complexion-specific issues (the former does affect the latter, after all).


imageImage from @purearth

This slow skincare brand combines Ayurvedic advice with social responsibility. Not only are artisanal products like the Turmeric Sand Exfoliant Face Mask or the Sitara Strobelighter Serum produced in small batches using foraged ingredients at a zero-waste facility, but the company also puts proceeds towards its Pure Purpose Foundation. This effort supports a range of initiatives such as tree planting and rainwater harvesting for communities in need.

Subtle Energies

imageImage from @subtleenergies

An Ayurvedic practitioner, Farida Irani created Subtle Energies in the ‘90s, long before these principles became more widely appreciated. Her Facial Blend is popular for its nourishing properties as well as its benefits for the mind—besides strengthening, soothing and boosting radiance, it helps to aid sleep and stress relief. The Aura Protection Body & Room Mist is a must for enhancing focus and clarity, while the more recently introduced Inhalation Patches work in a variety of situations, from banishing restless nights to uplifting spirit.

Please note that this is only available in store at Joyce Beauty in Lane Crawford ifc mall, Lane Crawford Canton Road and Lane Crawford Times Square.

Made by Yoke

imageImage from @madebyyoke

Citizen of the world Tamara Jones based the name of her health-focused lifestyle brand on a classical definition of yoga meaning union, mirroring her belief that inner and outer journeys should be intertwined. You’ll find an array of oils, soaps, candles and tools like the Yoke Tongue Cleaner which was used in ancient times to maintain oral hygiene and promote detoxification. Using it daily can stimulate internal organs and support gut health, which has a knock-on effect across the body.

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