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Image Courtesy of HAL Studio


Tried and tested rituals for today

Words by Christina Ko

Bathing Rituals

From Egypt to Rome, our ancestors loved to bathe, and Greek philosophers such as Hippocrates and Plato expounded the virtues of thermal springs. Today, it’s easy to bring the pleasures and benefits of bathing into your home, with endless options for soaks, salts and soothing oils that relax, boost circulation and detoxify. While double-dipping in hot and cold baths might not be practical at home, you can try this with a foot bath – the alternating temperature is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets

The original ancient Egyptian beauty influencer had plenty of secret weapons in her arsenal. Honey masks and pure gold were both part of a royal treatment to keep her skin youthful and hydrated, and it’s no coincidence that, centuries later, both of these are ingredients beloved by brands. Soothing and nourishing honey is suitable for all skin types, while gold prevents wrinkles and possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers.

Ayurvedic Skincare

Considered one of the world’s oldest healing sciences, the Ayurvedic philosophy recognised early on the positive physical effects of internal wellbeing. Every individual is made up of a unique combination of doshas which affect body type, personality and even skin – it’s all interconnected. The airy Vata might seek out hydration with hyaluronic acid; fiery Pittas can look for cooling effects in soothing formulas and sun protection, and earthy Kaphas in need of a detox can load up on antioxidant-rich pollution fighters and deep-cleansing treatments.

Crystal Healing

The use of crystals can be traced all the way back to ancient civilisations, but today, we’ve found more ways than ever before to inject them into our lives, from gua sha stone tools to crystal water bottles that deliver energy infusions while you hydrate. In fact, rose quartz is worshipped in the beauty industry, in large part thanks to its ability to impart love – a key factor in one's self-care regime.


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