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In A League Of His Own Fashion illustrator Yvan Deng shares his Creative Call Out experience

When did you participate in the Lane Crawford Creative Call Out event and how did you feel when you first applied?

I participated in the Lane Crawford Creative Call Out in November 2017 and was very excited to show my work on a different platform, I did a little bit of research about the competition and know it was a great chance for my work to gain wider exposure.

What do you remember the judging to be like?

I was nervous to show my work to the talented judges, especially because art is so subjective, and can be interpreted and viewed so differently. When the judges gave me their feedback - that they loved my work and encouraged me to continue what I was doing - I knew that all those years of hard work might be about to pay off. Having my work featured by Lane Crawford is a dream come true for me.

What was your reaction when you were selected as a finalist? How did you celebrate?

When I found out that I would get a chance to work with Lane Crawford, it was an incredible and unforgettable moment! I initially celebrated in the studio with my team and then later with my family and friends. We had a quick celebration dinner because I had an early morning brainstorm meeting the next day.

How do you think Lane Crawford has helped you since winning the competition?

It has helped me in lots of different areas, but mostly on a personal level. Winning made me realise that what other people say about your work is not the most important thing, but what really counts is to ensure every piece you create is of the highest quality. It also reminded me that we constantly should be learning and improving

How has winning affected your career?

Since winning, the huge support from Lane Crawford has enabled a wider audience to see my work and appreciate my style. Many people do not understand art and Lane Crawford has a very good eye to select and display products in a different point of view.

Since winning, what is the most memorable project you have worked with Lane Crawford?

We worked with Lane Crawford on the visual merchandise design of the store windows, limited edition cosmetic pouch, digital editorial content and live drawing in event. Every project gave me different challenges. If I had to pick just one project, I would say walking into Lane Crawford stores in Hong Kong and seeing my work on display was breath taking. However, working with team of creative and passion people is an experience I will never forget plus I made some great new friends too.

Would you consider collaborating with Lane Crawford again?

Yes of course! I want to collaborate as much as possible; this is the start of a great relationship for creating new work across lots of different mediums.

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