Pioneering luxury sportswear Chinese athleisure brand Particle Fever share their Creative Call Out experience

When did you participate in the Lane Crawford Creative Call Out event? How did you feel when your first applied?

We participated in Lane Crawford Creative Call Out 2016 in Shanghai Times Square. Initially, we were not that keen, having just returned from living abroad, however we still went ahead because the registration process was very simple and convenient.

Do you remember what the judging was like?

I vividly remember that it felt like Star Search or America’s Got Talent. Each of us placed our created apparel on a hanger and waited to enter the “tent” to showcase our talents to a panel of judges. Showcasing my independent and rather low awareness brand made me feel like an alien from another planet. I remember that the judges tried on our collection and remarked how they would feel powerful in the gym wearing them. But the most memorable moment was that even though the judges had expert knowledge of clothing technology and techniques, they were still extremely captivated by our underwear-free tights.

What was your reaction when you were selected as a finalist? How did you celebrate?

We were very excited as it was not easy for an athleisure brand to stand out among the fashion-forward collections presented at the event. be selected. We celebrated the success by running 10 km, and I spent another 5 hours dancing.

How do you think Lane Crawford has helped you since winning the competition?

Our biggest takeaway was that we grew more confident and determined to be the first sportswear brand to venture into new areas, such as utilizing more sports technology, shooting creative films and making interactive devices.

What kinds of other opportunities have you had since winning?

More and more reputable companies are initiating partnerships with Particle Fever. For example, the national ice hockey team asked us to help them re-establish a trendy and cool image. Also, New York’s renowned modern dance company, Syren, wore our sportswear for their rehearsals and performances. Also, we have set up an independent Particle Fever exercise group, to bring together people with athletic abilities to join fortnightly workout sessions.

What is the most memorable project have you worked with Lane Crawford on since winning?

Last year, we had our first collaboration outside of China with The Woolmark Company. We became the first brand in Asia to make sportswear with wool, it was a sensational experience.

Would you consider collaborating with Lane Crawford again?

Of course, Lane Crawford is the driving force for our learning and development, and we are inspired by their network of like-minded creative people. The prospect of working with Lane Crawford in the future is very exciting to us.

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