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5 tips: The expert’s guide to
healthy hair
Essential haircare and styling tips with Robert Resnick,
head of education at ghd Asia

  1. Start with a clean slate

    “To get your hair really clean when washing, you can let your shampoo sit for a little – unless the formula has damaging ingredients such as sulphates, then a few seconds is all you want before you rinse. If you do make the switch to organic hair products, bear in mind that there is an adjustment period, so your hair may feel a little less than lovely immediately after the change – wait it out and your mane will soon feel healthier than ever.”

  2. Lock in treatment masks

    “Any beauty maven is using a face mask at least once a week – but how often do you do a hair mask? Once a week is ideal; do it after your shampoo, before sealing it in with conditioner afterwards. This is an essential step to lock in the goodness you’ve just deposited in your follicles. If you wish to use an oil or serum once you’re out of the shower, be mindful that poor application can weigh down clean hair and ruin the look and feel of your style. Instead of rubbing the product just between the palms, also coat the back of your hands to further dilute and distribute product before using your fingers to comb through the ends of your wet hair.”

  3. Wash and go is a no-no

    “Think heat styling is ruining your locks? It’s actually laissez-faire hair that’s the most out of control. The longer your hair stays wet, the more it swells and is prone to damage. So, instead, use a thermal styling spray and blow-dry the correct way: not too close to the head and not staying in one spot for too long. Ensure to close the follicles at the end with a blast of cool air. Before you use any styling tools, remember there is an art to using thermal spray; hold the canister at arm’s length before you spritz, so the product lands on your locks as a thin veil, then work it in using your hands. If your hair is still damp after this step, then you’re spraying from too close. Before you heat style, hair must be absolutely, completely dry.

  4. The heat is off

    “One cardinal mistake is running curling or straightening irons through the hair too quickly, and then repeating the step on locks that are already hot – this is the fastest way to ensure breakage. Go slow and steady, and if you must go over the same spot again, come back to it after it’s cooled down. Stylers like ghd’s Platinum Pro use special sensors to deliver the precise amount of heat required depending on how much hair is between the plates, so work at a consistent pace [with these], and you’ll be fine.”

  5. Use the right tool for the job

    “No matter whether you’re curling using a curling wand, multi-purpose flat iron or one of the newer contraptions like the ghd Oracle, a few universal tips apply. First, be aware of where the curl should start. For most people, that’s level with the eyebrows; a universally flattering way of framing the face. Too much curl up top will look a little less polished. If you’re curling at home by yourself, start with the face-framing strands, which is the opposite of what most people do. There are a couple of reasons for this: firstly, your arms may be tired after having curled the rest of your head, giving you less control at the end. Secondly, we have a tendency to rush the last few locks when curling, perhaps because of a lack of time or we just want to get it done with. As the strands near the face are most important, take the time to get them right from the beginning. Finally, for a truly symmetrical look, switch hands when you curl the other side of your head, or the angle of your curls won’t be consistent. Not ambidextrous? Try brushing your teeth with your “bad” hand for a week and be surprised at how deft you’ve become.”

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