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Inspo Lane: Gifting Made Easy

The 8 People You’re Shopping for This Christmas

When it comes to shopping for Christmas presents, everyone has a distinctive style. We’ve got the last-minute sprinters, the heartfelt DIY-ers, those who play it safe with failproof (cough, boring) gifts, and those who’ll go to whatever means necessary to secure the goods - budget be damned. Besides types of shoppers, there are also types of people to be shopped for. From friends to relatives to colleagues, we’ve curated a guide to some of the common personality types that everyone has in their lives.

This year, skip the research and the sleuthing. We guarantee that this is the closest you’ll get to peeping on your loved ones’ wish lists.

For your influencer friend, whose selfie is truly worth a thousand words dollars

For your fun aunt, who can’t live without her daily cocktail hour

For your workaholic mum, who really deserves a break

For your financier nephew, who never gave up his suit for sweats

For your bachelor uncle, who won’t shut up about his world-class man cave

For your fitness fanatic colleague, who spends her lunch breaks at the gym

For the cool kid on the block, who has the potential to be a true streetstyle superstar

For your Grinch of a cousin, who doesn't believe in celebrating Christmas

Have a personality in your life that we haven’t covered? Shop below for more gifting ideas.

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