We are all experts at instant messaging but what could be more impactful than a slogan tee? Right now, words speak volumes and designers and graphic artists are upping the ante when it comes to exclamations. Some are emotive, others flirtatious, empowering or brilliantly absurd. The clue is finding one that chimes with you.

To that end, we have teamed up with creative Louise Grey to create a series of special tees with such sweet thoughts as ‘I’ll be Me, You Be You,’ and ‘Wonderful Fantasyland,’ in an exuberant hand written font on the hems and chests of unisex cotton tops.

One also might tune into Alexa Chung’s saucy ‘Screw You,’ in a groovy ‘70s font; ‘Bad Influence,’ by Parisian street label, Nanaseasons or ‘God Damn It’ by Hong Kong-based Ground Zero. Why the fad? Slogan tees encourage interaction in real time and right now we can’t get enough of that.

The humble slogan tee has become a way to literally wear your heart on your sleeve, and this season there is only one fashion statement that really matters. We enlist the help of influencers Alex Maeland, Arthur Bray and Justine Lee to show us how to do it in style.