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Serendipitous Scents

Serendipitous Scents

Few meetings could have felt as serendipitous as Lane Crawford’s with L’Objet’s creative director and founder Elad Yifrach, except the home décor designer’s own extraordinary meeting with artist Gildo Medina.

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And so begins a story…

Yifrach had been musing the packaging design for his home fragrance debut, Parfums de Voyage. “I was in Mexico on a secluded beach,” he recalls. “I turned to ask the man behind me for a pen, and this man, Gildo Medina, said, ‘Sure, I have a pen. I was using it to draw you.’”

As Yifrach marvelled at the sketch, inspiration hit.

“‘A fragrance should make you dream, it should remind you of places you have been or have seen and want to visit. I saw that his drawings brought about that emotion. They have the power to transport,’ says Yifrach.”

Until later…

In a meeting with the L’Objet founder this year, Lane Crawford also felt the wheels of fate turn. In 2014, we collaborated with the very same artist that had captured the imagination of Yifrach on that remote beach. A shared appreciation for the creative arts as well as an admiration of both their work led to Medina illustrating the home fragrance collection’s striking packaging. By some extraordinary alchemy, this unique partnership had begun. L’Objet’s first fragrance line appears alongside a special candle, Jade Imperial No. 165, made in celebration of our 165th anniversary.

Not quite the end of the tale…

An impassioned traveller, Yifrach is also a man of many stories, some of which inspired Parfums de Voyage. The collection of candles evoke the designer’s adventures, real and imagined, into evocative and exotic climes, and were created by master perfumer Yann Vasnier, a talent that has worked with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Comme des Garçons.

Rare, pure scents, such as mint oil from wild bushes growing in the Moroccan desert, brilliantly capture the designer’s bold vision. In Thé Russe, No.75, smoky patchouli and Russian leather base notes are lifted with hay oil and coriander seeds that are inspired by the long winter nights in St Petersburg.

“In the limited-edition candle created for Lane Crawford, Yifrach sought to recreate the company’s timeless elegance as well as its dynamic, forward-thinking spirit.”

Musk, amber and vanilla are blended with clove, cardamom, lily and rose in a scent that embodies a woman of enduring style and radiant confidence.

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