Crowd funding platform Kickstarter has become a hotbed of tech innovation with some of the industry’s buzziest projects launching from the site. One of the most anticipated from the world of electronics is finally here, having first captured the attention of crowd funders in 2014.

German label Bragi’s ‘Dash’ earbuds are being hailed as the world’s first truly wireless and smart in ear headphones. Designed to combine three essential features – listen to music, track performance and as a smart phone companion – it is also one of the most ambitious on the market.

Initially set to launch last year, the release was delayed with the last minute decision to forego Bluetooth for Near Field Magnetic Induction – a technology used in the hearing aid industry – which means the listener can stream crystal clear audio from their music device and adjust the audio transparency depending on how much ambient noise they desire. What this means in reality is quite revolutionary, enabling the wearer to engage in a conversation or hear what is going on around them, without having to remove the device from their ears.

The Dash can also store up to 4GB of music or approximately 1,000 songs directly to the earbud, with its own portable charger that allows for recharging on the go. Fitness fanatics will love its tracking feature which can give live feedback on current body vitals and performance as you run, swim (it’s waterproof) and cycle.

Combining sleek design, cutting edge technology and functional wearability, this is something we’ll all want to listen to.

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