Colouring books have officially become the hobby du jour for grown-ups, this festive season, turn the hobby into good with La La Land.

For some, it was Marie Kondo’s guide to tidying up; for others, it was learning to harness the power of visualisation. But for Nisha Parmanand, it was Stuart Semple’s My Happy Colouring Flip Book that truly changed her life: “I was amazed at how such a simple task of colouring made me so happy and relaxed. As adults, we live such stressful and hectic lives that we often forget to slow down. Colouring seemed like the perfect creative outlet.”

And so, La La Land was born. Created in collaboration with fashion writer and editor Divia Harilela, the pair reached out to Hong Kong’s creative community from fashion to art and media, inviting them to submit an illustration that embodied their ‘La La Land.’

“My mother’s nickname for me growing up was LuluLaLa which inspired the book’s name,” explains Parmanand. “The whole point of a colouring book is to relax you, not to focus on your daily worries. It’s for you to just go to your happy place, where you daydream - to your La La Land.”