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Auspicious Red Makeup Looks for Chinese New Year

Tips and tricks to know now

As bold and brave as the colour red is, when it comes to makeup, it’s a shade that isn’t just classic, but surprisingly versatile too. A symbol of love, passion, and happiness, it’s also the aptest shade in your makeup arsenal for celebrating the new lunar year. Here’s how to usher it into your beauty routine.


Pay homage to the bold new beginnings with an equally confident red lip. Opt for a rich shade, lined ever so slightly wider than your lips for definition, and finish with a high-shine collagen-infused gloss for extra plumpness. The key to keeping your lips in the spotlight? Don’t divert. It’s simple maths: the more you draw attention towards your cheeks or eyes, the less focus there will be on your pout, so opt for no-makeup makeup on the rest of your face. That said, your outfit needn't apply the same rule – a strong lip pairs well with bright tones, so that energetic red suit or dress is the perfect complement.


Red eyeshadow can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – the beauty lies in its scalability. Feeling adventurous? Go for a deeply pigmented layer of the lucky shade, with a dash of gradient shimmer. A little apprehensive? Lean into a pinky red – flattering on every skin tone – and opt for a warm, subtle wash instead. If you want to play up your eyes sans shadow, a smudge red kohl or eyeliner, only along your lower lash line, adds a dash of festive focus. If you opt for a dramatic red lid, keep the rest of your face fresh and neutral – and apply the same rule to your outfit, too.


A brighter alternative to contouring? Draping. Instead of your usual coral or candy blush, opt for a deeper shade of rose or red, and you’ll get a more dramatic and flattering definition. Simply place your blush on the crest of your cheekbones and blend out with a brush. If your face shape is rounder, apply the blush slightly under the cheekbone where you would have countered – this will help lengthen the top half of your face. As for a fashion pairing, this look works best with near-nothingness – glowy skin, a great brown, and a lick of mascara – and a dash of red pulled into your outfit.

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